Rick Supplee - Wednesday, October 20, 2021

When you’re planning a move, the thought of organizing and packing your kitchen may be stressful. What makes the kitchen so challenging to move? Most people use this room daily, so it’s probably the last one you’ll pack. Plus, there are a ton of small, fragile items in most kitchens, which can complicate your plans.

Fortunately, with a strategy in place and a few easy-to-implement hacks, packing and moving the kitchen won’t seem so overwhelming.

Packing & Moving Your Kitchen: 10 Hacks to Help

  • Systematically go through each cupboard and drawer in your kitchen, and group similar items together. You’ll thank yourself when you are unpacking at your new home.
  • Use large, empty vessels like your stockpot, slow cooker, rice cooker and even your blender for storing items. These are the perfect location for keeping spices organized and safe during a move.
  • Slide oven mitts and potholders onto knives to create makeshift sheaths. This hack has the added benefit of packing your potholders, too!
  • Wrap your utensil organizer with plastic cling wrap to ensure your knives, forks and spoons all stay in place.
  • Slide disposable foam plates between your dishes. Then, pack these into your box horizontally, with crumpled paper or bubble wrap around the dishes to protect them. Bonus tip: Don’t forget to write “FRAGILE” on this box!
  • Packing a toaster? Be sure to secure it in a grocery bag before packing it in the box. No matter how much you clean this appliance, there will almost always be crumbs. This bag will ensure the crumbs aren’t getting into the box and anything else you pack with your toaster.
  • Use a rubber band to group your cooking utensils, tongs, spatula and spoons together and put them into the same box. That way, when you unpack, they are all there and ready to go.
  • Your socks can make an excellent cushion for stemware and glasses! Place the stemware into the sock and pack the glasses into drinkware boxes.
  • Ziploc bags are your best friend when packing up your kitchen. You can use them to hold fridge magnets, those little odds and ends in a junk drawer and so much more.
  • Put all your kitchen towels, rags and tablecloths into boxes as extra padding and keep them together.

While a kitchen is one of the most stressful rooms to pack, these hacks can make it safer and more organized. Happy packing!


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