Moving Tips

How to Prepare for Your Move

Moving Tips:

  1. Do a little each day and start early, do not wait until the last minute to do everything.
  2. Arrange termination date for all your utilities and services.
  3. Change of address with all parties that need to be notified.
  4. Make sure all appliances that will be moving are disconnected. If they are powered by natural gas a plumber can disconnect and cap off the gas line.

Packing TIps:

  1. Pack one room at a time.
  2. Do a little each day, pack a couple a cartons a day.
  3. Mark all boxes or label with what room it is going into.
  4. Make sure the bottom of the boxes are secured and will support the weight of the items packed inside.
  5. Pack heavier items in the bottom of the box and lighter items toward the top. A general rule to remember on box size – the heavier the item, the smaller the carton.
  6. Please call for with any questions on how to pack certain items. We are very willing to give advice.
moving tips

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