Staging a Home Can Make Your Move Happen Sooner

Rick Supplee - Monday, September 23, 2019

Many people want to move, yet they must sell their home first. But what happens if your home sits on the market for months or even a year? Nobody wants to put off a move because of this frustrating problem.

6 Tips for Staging a Home
Those who stage a home often find it sells faster, which means you can be in your new house sooner. Staging is the process of making your home appear as beautiful as possible so that it appeals to more buyers. And we have a few tips that can help.

1. Stage your home according to the season. 
Use warm colors in spring, and make things bright and airy in summer. During the fall and winter months, be sure to use cozy decorative elements like blankets.

2. Scent does matter. 
While you may be focused on the furniture, paint and other elements, remember certain smells in a home can make all the difference for potential buyers. The old tale that baking cookies to make the home smell like childhood applies here.

3. Add a higher-wattage bulb to light fixtures to make everything a bit brighter. 
While we often look for energy savings, when it comes time to sell your home, you want to make sure people can see the nooks and crannies. Sometimes, lack of lighting makes a home unappealing to buyers.

4. Clean, clean and clean some more. 
While you are living in a home, it can be hard to keep it spotless. However, you want your house to be as tidy as possible when prospective buyers drop by. Take a few minutes each day to clear out clutter, mop floors and wipe down kitchen counters. Cleanliness is one of the top reasons that make a home attractive.

5. Make small repairs.
Most people aren’t in the market for a fixer-upper. Make sure your house looks ready to move into.

6. Update.
While you may not be able to afford upgrades to your entire home, some cost-efficient changes can make a significant difference. For example, swap plumbing fixtures to something more modern. A coat of paint on cabinets or even changing the hardware can take outdated kitchens to a new level.

With these six staging tips, you may find it easier to sell your home and move into a new one. These tips are only the beginning, but they are an excellent way to get your home into the hearts of buyers faster.

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