Declutter and Clean Your Home Before It Goes On the Market

Rick Supplee - Monday, February 18, 2019

Decluttering and cleaning a home are some of the first steps your clients should take when getting ready to put their home on the market. Thanks to experts like Marie Kondo, decluttering is all the rage right now. Here are our tips to get your clients ready to put their home on the market.

1) Sell or Donate
Go through your home and decide what items you would like to sell or donate. If you haven’t used an item in over a year chances are you can consider getting rid of it. You can sell items using Facebook virtual garage sales or donate to your favorite organization.

2) Keep Items in Storage
For those items that can stay but don’t have a place during your home selling process (such as holiday decorations), use a moving company to store your items.

3) Get Everyone To Help Clean
Ask everyone in your home to help clean or throw a party for friends to clean with you. Areas to target:
  • Smudges on the walls
  • Stains on carpets or rugs
  • Dust throughout the house
  • Grime on kitchen appliances

4) Go Room by Room
Go through each room and decide if there are any wall hangings or items that might take away from the experience of a potential buyer thinking the home is right for them. Tuck the item away and enjoy it in your new home.

A homeowner can increase their chances of selling a home quickly and at a higher price by decluttering and cleaning. We hope these tips are helpful as your clients prepare their home for staging and selling. Let us know if we can be of service.


Rick Supplee, Owner of Teachers Moving

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