Rick Supplee - Wednesday, February 28, 2018

We are inching our way toward spring and with that comes the busy season of selling houses and moving. A lot of people and families will be going through transitions during the spring and summer seasons and we’ve put together a list of tips for staging and decluttering your home. We hope these are useful for your clients.

5 Tips for Staging Your Home

1) Enhance Lighting
Lighting is a very important element in a house. Lighting decides the ambiance of your home and can make or break how a room appears to an outsider, no matter how wonderfully the furniture and decorations are laid out. Make sure any old lighting fixtures are replaced, and that the lighting is appealing – make it warm, welcoming, and bright enough (but not fluorescent!). Also, make sure to spread the job of lighting among different types of fixtures including wall lights, ceiling lights, table lamps and floor lamps.

2) Eliminate Clutter
Making sure you get rid of excess things is one of the most important parts of staging a home. Getting rid of clutter can air out a room, give that room more space, provide you with more opportunity to decorate, and give you peace of mind. Moving is the perfect time to get rid of all those things you have held on to for decades, and will make your home much more appealing to visitors (and potential buyers).

3) Awareness of Color
The right color for a room can turn somebody off or on to an entire home. The color applies to walls, furniture, decorations, and many other aspects. Think about what kind of feel you want the room to have, and lean toward subtle, neutral colors that are generally pleasing. Craft your updated design in a way that minimizes decor costs but helps you maximize your best color balance.

4) Placement of Furniture
The proper placement of furniture positively influences the mood of the room, eliminates clutter and takes advantage of the room’s space. You can position chairs to be in conversation with one another, and place side tables in accordance with them. Moving furniture away from the walls and leaving room for walkways provides organization and logic, as well as opening up the room. Feel free to change up the room-to-furniture pairings as well, such as moving a chair from the living room to the bedroom.

5) Artful Accessorizing
Flowers, vases, bowls, pictures, collections from around the world – the beautiful things that you own should be shown off. Placement of these accessories on a dining room table, on the side of your bedroom, or between two armchairs in a living room can show off the beauty of your home. Be sure to space the accessories properly to avoid clutter. Accessorize by groups of odd numbers (like threes), by complementing colors and shapes.

Enjoy all the new transitions that the spring season can bring, including moving to a new home. We are here to help your clients with the staging process by storing their items and then helping when they need to move to their new home. Please call us with any questions.

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