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June is a big month for people to move. The sun is shining and the lucky ones are at the pool but a lot of people will be moving, perhaps some of your clients. We wanted to reach out with moving day tips from Teachers Moving. Your clients could be closing on one house and buying another all in this month, in addition to moving their belongings to the new place. We would like to help alleviate any stress and pass along tips to make everything just a little easier.

Get Ready to Make Moving Day Easier.

5 Tips for Moving Day

1) Jot Down Your Floor Plan
Sketch out a rough estimate of the blueprints of your house so you know exactly where to put everything. If you’re using movers, you’ll be able to tell them where to put things right as they’re taking them off of the truck. This is one of the most underutilized tactics for moving and can avoid some serious headaches on move-in day. 

2) Bring the Necessities
Bedding, pillows, bathroom essentials, food items, medicines – whatever you’ll need soon after you move in. Keep spirits high with easily accessible food and get your bathroom ready so you can shower after day one of the move and get a good night’s sleep before waking up and finishing the move tomorrow.

3) Friends and Pets Outta the Way
If you’re lucky, most of your friends will be helping you move your items (hello packing party!). Or maybe you were able to hire professional movers who will easily get you from point A to point B. Strategically plan who to ask to watch the kids or pets. It’s much harder to say no to watching kids or pets vs. moving someone!

4) Find Ample Parking
If you’re moving into a neighborhood, you don’t want to be known for blocking the street for 6 hours on move-in day. That is a sure-fire way to not receive any “welcome to the neighborhood” casseroles or fruit cakes. Before moving in, scope out the neighborhood (or building) and note where the best place to park your vehicle will be. Also take into consideration how much room you’ll need to take things out of the vehicle.

5) Remember, It’s Temporary
The process of moving, especially the few days when all of your belongings are in transit, can be really strange and dehumanizing. Remember that it’s all temporary and to laugh at the small stuff (laughing at the big stuff during a move can help, too). The boxes will eventually all be unpacked and you will go back to living your normal life again.

We hope these tips offer some help and ideas. We work really hard to provide help and service to our customers throughout the move process. Please call us if we can be of help.

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