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The end of August brings a time of transition from the close of summer to new fall schedules. Many of your clients might be settling in to a new home. We wanted to reach out with tips for what happens after move in day from Teachers Moving. We aim to help throughout the moving process, before and after, and would like to reduce any stress and pass along some tips for the transition after a move.

5 Tips for Feeling Settled After Your Move

1) Introduce Yourself to the Neighbors
We hope you luck out and get great neighbors, but you will never know if you don’t introduce yourself. Your neighbors might have dropped off a welcome bundle themselves but if not, don’t hesitate to bring some cookies and say hello. You can get their phone number and volunteer to keep a key on hand or take out trash when they are away.

2) Get Details About Your Neighborhood
There are a few information-packed websites that can help you understand everything to do around your new home. Check out WalkScore and type in your address and you will be given a map to see the nearest restaurants, parks, train stations and more. NeighborhoodScout will show you schools and demographic details.

3) Get Contact Phone Numbers
It’s one step at a time once you have moved in and started settling in to your new house. Start with a few phone numbers. Some ideas to get you going include day care, pet sitters, family members nearby, doctors in the area, and emergency contacts.

4) Make New Friends
Your happiness in the new home will depend a lot on the community surrounding you. Regardless of what stage of life you are in, it’s always nice to have friends. You can find new friends through places like community centers, coffee shops, classes in your area, places of worship, or websites that coordinate groups such as Meetup.com.

5) Start New Traditions
The process of moving can be chaotic but rest assured that over time life will return back to normal. You can make even the tough part of settling in to a new home easier by starting some new traditions. The silver lining of settling in to a new home is that you are seeing everything with new eyes before you get into the normal grind and routine of life. You can take special walks or have a meaningful dinner to commemorate the beginning of a new home. 

We work hard to be a part of your move from the very beginning to the very end of your relocation. We hope these tips offer some help and ideas. Please call us if we can be of service.

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