Rick Supplee - Monday, September 03, 2018

Labor Day is here and for many people their kids have returned to school and families are getting back to a routine. Some families, though, will be moving during this time of relative stability. A school year move can be daunting because of the extra upheaval during a usually quieter time. We have some tips to offer and hope they help ease the transition during your client’s school year move.

5 Tips for a Move During the School Year

1) Be Honest 
Be sure not to surprise your kids with the move. Keep them in the loop and let them know the move date. You want them to have enough time to adjust to the move and say goodbye to their old school, friends and teachers.

2) Establish a Routine
Once you have moved into your new home, be sure to establish a routine as soon as possible. This could include:

  • Getting times for drop off and pick up at school
  • Setting bedtimes for younger kids or curfews for older children
  • Establishing an after school routine

Remember, children often perform better in school and everyday life when they have a routine.

3) Be Positive
Depending on the age of your children, you may find different reactions to a move. Teens may have the hardest time and require deeper emotional conversations. Younger kids might struggle more with the changing physical location, such as where their toys will be located in the new house. Don’t lose your cool, instead stay positive so the kids are calmer and more accepting of the move.

4) Explore the New School
Let the kids see their new school before their first day. Let them walk the hallways, meet their teachers and see all that the school has to offer.

5) Get Kids Involved 
Do you have kids who love to play sports, learn an instrument, or speak a foreign language? If so, get them involved. Find out what the new school and community offer and sign them up to play or participate. The more that kids are involved, the more they will feel that they belong.

Remember, moving with kids during the school year can be difficult, but working with a great moving company can make the moving process much easier and more relaxing. Contact us if we can help.

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