Rick Supplee - Wednesday, April 25, 2018

As a realtor, you may find yourself at times a savvy negotiator and at times a therapist for your clients. The idea of the chaos surrounding a move can put clients on edge. After all, moving is a huge life transition and interruption. What can you do for your clients? We have a few tips to pass along.

3 Tips to Calm Moving Anxiety

1) Focus on the Positives

A great recommendation for any person experiencing the anxiety of a move is to focus on the positives. Answering these and other questions can help refocus on the benefits of the move:

  • What are the positives associated with moving to the new home?
  • Is the new home closer to work or school?
  • What fun, new places are around the home where you’re moving?
  • Is there a favorite space that you have in the new home

2) Learn Relaxation Techniques

Moving can be stressful on its own. But when you add in the process of having to sell a home and find a new one, the anxiety can be overwhelming. Learn a few relaxation techniques that can help to unwind. Remember that what helps one person to relax may not work for another person. A few ideas to keep calm:

  • Find a book to escape in for a few minutes per day
  • Consider going to a yoga class
  • Take 20 minutes to do nothing but listen to relaxing music
  • Go for a jog to help release stress-fighting endorphins
  • Visualize your life after the transition is complete and focus on the positives

3) Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help

If the anxiety is too much, ask for help. You may find that talking with a counselor about the fears you have of moving can be helpful. Or even just talking with a few close friends can help to relieve the weight that is on your shoulders.

Moving to a new home can be a time of stress, nerves and anxiety. We want to make the time as easy and stress-free as possible for your clients.

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